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Domestic gold mines across Indonesia have high demand of chemicals which are required in the process of extracting precious metals from the ground. However, the availability of chemicals from local producers are very limited. Hence, gold mines often have no options other than to import the chemicals required from overseas. This method of purchasing has the tendency of being over-priced due to the inefficiency of transport across countries, sometimes even inter-continents. The availability of imported goods are not very stable, while it is very crucial for mining sites to have specific chemicals during specific time to maintain constant extraction. While many companies offer the service of inspecting chemical goods before loading onto freight, in reality, the quality sometimes differ from the inspection documents.

For these reasons, in 2014, Tri Agung Nusantara decided to provide the situations with a solution, which is to start expanding its wings to provide chemicals to domestic gold mines across Indonesia as a proud local company. The table below shows some of the chemicals Tri Agung Nusantara supplies to domestic gold mines at the time of writing this document. Tri Agung Nusantara is also involved in the distribution of general laboratory equipment. Tri Agung Nusantara always strives to expand the broadness of the services to be provided, especially in relation to chemicals. In the future, Tri Agung Nusantara aims to be a one-stop-shop for all chemicals related goods for mining sites.