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Textile & Garment

Providing Beauty & Functional

In 1960s, Tri Agung Nusantara, led by the first owner, Mr. Tan Hai Soei was producing garment products, more specifically men-shirts. The product is distributed in a small shop in the china town of Jakarta, Petak Baru area, Jakarta Pusat. Years later, the first heir of the family decided to trade textile fabrics in a small shop near the family’s garment shop. The shop was located in Pintu Kecil area, Jakarta Pusat. From then on, the business grew larger. Tri Agung Nusantara started to import textile products internationally. A few years later, Tri Agung Nusantara purchased an established textile manufacturing company and invested in new technologies. Nowadays, Tri Agung Nusantara provides textile fabrics internationally. Tri Agung Nusantara focuses on two things: beauty & functionality

Tri Agung Nusantara’s main target market is dedicated for ladies fashion ware. Most of the fabrics produced are intended to give final products which would make the wearer more confident and up to date to the current fashion style. However, Tri Agung Nusantara also produces other fabrics which are dedicated for their functions. For example uniform fabrics for Indonesian Military Force, Indonesian Police Force and Government Civil Employees. Tri Agung Nusantara also produces items which is made to have a specific functionality. These items are dedicated for a very specific purpose, such as fire blankets, which are dipped in a special fire retardant liquid. Tri Agung Nusantara believes that a product is only worth to be called a good product if it serves a purpose of adding value to its